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This page is for those who purchased GRBE tokens in the private and seed rounds.

How To Claim GRBE Tokens allocated in the Private and Seed rounds

To claim your GRBE tokens, please follow the instructions below.

Please note that you will need some BNB in your wallet to cover the gas fees.

Step 2: Click “Connect wallet”

Connect your wallet — make sure to connect the same wallet you have won your allocation with.

Note: You need to connect your wallet before claiming. If your wallet is not yet connected, please try to connect again.

Step 3: Click the appropriate round (Seed sale, Private sale)

Step 4: If users are eligible, “Claim” button will change to green color. Please check the number of Claimable and click the “Claim” button.


Total token: The number of tokens that you have been allocated in the Private/ Seed rounds.

You have claimed: The number of tokens that you have claimed

Remaining: The balance of tokens that you can claim.

Claimable: The number of tokens that you can claim at the time.

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Please contact Green Beli Team if you are unable to claim your allocated tokens.

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