Gaming (PvP)

PvP Ticket

PvP Ticket allows player participate in PvP battles. PvP Tickets can be gained throught PvE mode or purchased in-game.

🪴PvP Ticket price: 600 $GFRUIT

🪴 However, to celebrate the launch of PvP mode, the price will be reduced to 500 $GFRUIT/ ticket only.

Game Rules

Players use PvP Tickets to participate in PvP and the number of tickets will depend on your main Green Hero's star. Players with the same main Green Hero star will against each other.

The winner will receive the Keys. The higher of Green Hero star, the more Keys you get.

Key and reward

Players use Keys to open the rewards. Each key unlocks one box, in which there is a random amount of $GFRUIT or Land Fragments.

Season and Ranking boards


Each season lasts 06 weeks.

500 players who earn the most keys will make it in the top seasonal ranking and be rewarded.

Note: To be eligible for the rankings, you must earn at least one Key. The ranking system will be reset at the end of each season.

🪴Prize details and ranking board refresh

Top Ranking's Reward pool = 5% (PvP Tickets X Ticket price)

When the player uses the Key to exchange for a reward. Existing Keys are deducted, but Keys earned are not affected.

Reset indicators:

  • Total Keys earned

  • Total number of PvP Tickets

  • Number of PvP battles participated

  • Winning rate

Note: Do not reset existing PvP Ticket and Key.

🪴Equal rank

In the case of equal rank, meaning more than two players earn the same number of keys, we will take the number of PvP tickets spent. The winner is the person who spends the most PvP Tickets. In case, the number of Keys earned and the number of PvP Tickets spent are equal, players who have higher winning rates will be ranked higher.

If all three criteria are equal, the ranking will be random.


“Skip” feature is not available in PvP.

NO Energy consumed in PvP mode.

If a player is disconnected during a battle, notification will show that the player is out of the match.

PVP Ticket's Drop Rate Formula

If you win in PvE battles, you have a chance to get NFT Item Fragment, Land Fragment or PvP ticket. In case you lose, you only earn $GFRUIT as usual.

Drop_fragment_rate = Rarity_rate + star_rate

Rate_pvp_ticket = (1 - drop_fragment_rate) * 0.6

🪴 Example:

  • In case the amount of $GFRUIT is 700, then the number of PvP tickets: 700/600 = 1.17 (round down 1 PvP ticket).

  • In case amount of $GFRUIT is 2300, then the amount of PvP tickets: 2300/600 = 3.8 (round up 4 PvP tickets).

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