Token Allocation

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Token allocation

Token allocation utility

Investors: These tokens were sold to investors, and will be unlocked based on the vesting plan. Some investors have been selling their tokens for capital recovery purposes.

Founder & Team: These tokens are allocated to the founding team & project development team.

Advisors: These tokens are allocated to the project advisors, who help to consult, guide, and support the project in all related activities.

Reserve: The tokens are used as the project's reserve fund, balancing necessary activities, and supporting future expansion.

Game incentives: These tokens will be used to incentivize players participating in competitions and other activities in the game. This is to encourage user participation in the game and to maintain traction.

Liquidity: These tokens are used for the following main purposes:

  • Adding liquidity

  • Listing DEX, CEX exchanges

  • Rewards for Staking, Liquidity Mining programs... to increase liquidity for GRBE tokens

  • Activities to maintain liquidity and support GRBE token price growth.

Marketing & Partnership: These tokens will be used for various ecosystem-building initiatives, including marketing and partnership programs.

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