Green Beli

Green Land

Land information

✅ Land is limited to only 31,415 pieces and will be minted gradually from in-game features.
✅ Advanced asset
✅ Limited quantity, drop rate is relatively low, making Land the rarest and most valuable asset in Green Beli Ecosystem
✅ Land will simulate floating islands with different classes & rarities
✅ To be used both in-game and in Green Metaverse
  • In-game: Produce fruits to create gacha and recharge GH powers or personalized NFT cards (Coming soon^^)
  • In-meta: Mandatory item to join Green Metaverse and own real NFT tree
✅ Green Land will work as a power & reward booster for Green heroes in PvE & PvP.
✅ There will be NO Land sales from the Team. Land can only be minted by users by play PvE/ PvP (for 3 star GHs and above) and other games features like Lucky Greenbies and Mystery chests.
  • Mystery chest is a limited feature, allowing ALL users to earn Land fragments, regardless GH star and class. Mystery chest ends as soon as all 25,000 Land fragments are collected.
✅ There is also success rate of Land fragment assembly, make sure you collect enough land fragments.
  • You need 25 land fragments to be able to create a land box.
  • Success rate is applied when assembling Land Fragments into Land Box. Assembly success rate: 20%. If unsuccessful, you will lose 20% of the fragments (~ 5 fragments) and the assembly fee (100,000 $GFRUIT + 200 $GRBE).
✅ Land is the only NFT item which can be sold in packs of fragments.