Claim, Deposit, and Withdraw instructions

How to claim your reward to ingame wallet

Step 1: Click Lock Reward on the main screen.

Step 2: Click “Claim” button to claim your $GFRUIT into ingame wallet.

Note: GFRUIT tokens received from battles and quests in the game are kept in "Lock Reward". The rewards will be locked for 5 days before you can claim them.

Deposit and withdraw instructions

You can deposit and withdraw GFRUIT to and from the game through Bridge.

To get free withdrawals, each withdrawal needs to be spaced at least 10 days apart.

If you withdraw within 10 days from the lastest withdrawal, withdrawal fee will be as follows: Day 1: 50%, day 2: 45%, day 3: 40%, day 4: 35%, day 5: 30%, day 6: 25%, day 7: 20%, day 8: 15%, day 9: 10%, day 10: 5%.

Step 1: Click the “Bridge” icon on the main screen

Step 2: Click the “Deposit” button if you wish to deposit into the game or click the “Withdraw” button if you want to withdraw your $GFRUIT to your wallet (such as Metamask...).

Step 3: Add the amount you wish to withdraw/deposit in the “value” bar.

For withdrawal, the amount must be a positive integer and greater than or equal to 100,000.

Step 4: Click "OK" button and then "Confirm" with your Metamask.

Note: While your transaction is being processed, you cannot make any other transactions. If there is any error while processing the withdrawal/deposit, please try again after 30 minutes.

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