Green Land & NFT items

Green Land

How it works?🔥

  • Play PvE & PvP and collect Land Fragments

  • Assemble them into Land Box - NFT

  • Open Land Box - NFT to earn Land - NFT

📌 With Land Fragment as Package, Land Box - NFT, and Land - NFT, you can choose either to trade them on NFT Market OR to use them in-game.

• Green Land received from open a Land Box will have random Class, Rarity.

• You need 25 land fragments to be able to create a land box

• Assembly fee: 100,000 $GFRUIT + 200 $GRBE

Success rate is applied when assembling Land Fragments into Land Box. Assembly success rate: 20%. If unsuccessful, you will lose 20% of the fragments (~ 5 fragments) and the assembly fee (100,000 $GFRUIT + 200 $GRBE).

Remember that stronger + rarer Green Hero = more Land - NFT Items

NFT items

NFT Items include:

🔸 EXP Card: Used to gain EXP for Green Hero, instantly

🔸 Fusion Stone: Undo the previous Fusion to change the body part to be evolved

🔸 Evolve Stone (Training House’s replacement): An essential material in level-up Green Hero’s Rarity feature: Evolve

🔸 Coffee Voucher: Exchange for tokens or buy discounted drinks from Green Beli Coffee Franchise

How it works?! 🔥

  • Play PvE & PvP and collect Fragments

  • Assemble them into Non-NFT Items

  • Utilize or trade on the NFT Market in NFT Items form

📌 Note:

  • With Non-NFT Items, in-game utilizes are already available.

  • With NFT items, you can choose either to trade them on NFT Market OR to use them in-game.

  • Non-NFT Items received after “Assemble” will have a random Rarity.

Rarity Item Upgrade

Players have a chance to increase the Rarity for a item ((EXP Card, Fusion Stone, Evolve Stone) by using same-type items as materials.


  • 01 main item

  • 1 - 3 item(s) as material


How to calculate the success rate:

  • Each Rarity grade requires an amount of points for a guarantee of success

  • Each material item provides an amount of points to increase the success rate

  • The success rate is calculated based on the total of points provided by material items, divide by the required point of the next Rarity grade

In case of success

  • The rarity of the main item increases by one grade.

In case of failure ❌

📌 Note: all the material items will be burned whether you succeed or failed to upgrade rarity.

Example: Upgrading for a Rare item. The required points of the next Rarity grade (Epic) are 27.

02 Uncommon and 01 Rare item being used as materials.

=> The total providing points = 2 * 3 + 1 * 9 = 15

Success rate = 15 / 27 = 56% => The main item has a 56% chance of evolving to the next Rarity grade.


🪴 Green Hero’s star and Fragment's Drop:

• EXP Cards: All Green Heroes

• Training House, Fusion Stones: Green Heroes from 2-star

• Green Land: Green Heroes from 3-star

📌 Fragment Drop Rate = Rarity Rate + Star Rate

🪴 Green Hero’s star and Fragment's Drop Rate:

• 1-Star Green Heroes: 0%

• 2-Star Green Heroes: 2%

• 3-Star Green Heroes: 4%

• 4-Star Green Heroes: 7%

• 5-Star Green Heroes: 11%

• 6-Star Green Heroes: 16%

🪴 Green Hero’s Rarity and Fragment’s Buff Rate:

• For Common Green Heroes: 4%

• For Uncommon Green Heroes: 5%

• For Rare Green Heroes: 7%

• For Epic Green Heroes: 10%

• For Legend Green Heroes: 15%

• For Mythical Green Heroes: 20%

For example: The total Fragment Drop Rate of a 6-Star Mythical Green Hero according to the tables above is 36%. It means if you win 100 battles, there are 36 battles you will get Fragments and 64 battles earn $GFRUIT usual.

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