Green Metaverse

Greeting Greenbies, as planned, Green Beli will issue Green Meta Token ($GMETA) to be used in Green Meta. There will be NO $GMETA TOKEN SALE, you can earn free $GMETA by joining Green Meta Farming Pools.

Green Meta introduction

Green Meta is Green Beli’s virtual reality platform, where users can:

  • Plant real NFT Trees Each NFT Tree is linked with a real tree which is traceable through blockchain. Users can own a real tree anywhere in the world and even harvest real produce. This is also in accord with our commitment to make a positive impact on the environment and offset DeFi’s carbon footprint.

  • Farming Voucher By staking GRBE token, users can earn vouchers for coffee shops or convenience stores in the real world.

  • Environmental Education and Awareness-raising Green Meta offers a realistic and interactive educational experience in a metaverse with the application of 3D, AR/VR for everyone to address complex environmental problems, and learn to maintain a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations.

  • Own plots of land and apply their creativity to explore, build upon and monetize

  • Enjoy the excitement of exploring the beautiful natural Earth, and interact with each other with the support of AR/VR…

Green Meta Farming Pools

Farming pools:

  • Stake GRBE to earn GMETA

  • Stake GMETA to earn GMETA

  • Farm GRBE-BUSD LP tokens to earn GMETA

  • Farm GMETA-BUSD LP tokens to earn GMETA

  • Farm GFRUIT-BUSD LP tokens to earn GMETA

Farming terms:

  • When you first start staking/farming, the rewards will be locked for 14 days. The 14-day timer resets every time you add more deposits in the pools. No claim timer reset for withdrawal.

  • After the full 14-day period finishes, the rewards are claimable every 48 hours. The 48-hour timer resets every time you add more deposits in the pools. No claim timer reset for withdrawal.

  • You can deposit/withdraw in the Farming Pools any time with no deposit/withdrawal fees.

  • Green Meta Farm does not support Green Hero staking.

Greenbies, please stay tuned for our official announcements and be aware of scammers!

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