Farming Voucher

Farming Voucher feature

Farming Voucher is a feature that enables players to collect Coffee Vouchers and exchange them for tokens or use them for discounted drinks at Green Beli Coffee Franchise.

Coffee Vouchers awarded to players in this mode are used with revenue from our real-life businesses.

Understand Farming Voucher


How to earn Coffee Voucher?

  • Players can collect Coffee Voucher Fragments by joining a PvP battle (10-tickets room only).

  • With 25 Coffee Voucher Fragments in Inventory, players can “Assemble” them into 1 Non-NFT Coffee Voucher.

How to use Coffee Voucher?

🌴 In phase 1, Green Beli planned to open Voucher Exchange pools for players to exchange Coffee Vouchers and receive BUSD/ GMETA to ensure liquidity for Coffee Vouchers.

Note: Before the event, Green Beli will announce the following information: Opening date, Coffee Voucher Fragments’ dropped limit, Coffee Vouchers’ limit being redeemed by Green Beli, and The value of each Coffee Voucher.

In Phase 2, when Green Beli Coffee Franchise grows and expands globally, players can use Coffee Vouchers to enjoy fresh coffee cups at our Café.

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