Green Hero

Each hero's capacities are determined by the following features:

  • Rarity

  • Class

  • Star

  • Genes


Determining the Green hero's quality and remaining unchanged.

Each Green Hero consists of 6 body parts. Each body part represents one stat, with values from min to max and directly affects the Green Hero's power.

Each part of the body will have a varying rarity from 1 - 6 (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical).


  • Each Green Hero belongs to 1 of 5 classes, namely Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, representing 5 great elements in nature.

  • These classes are attached to each Green Hero permanently.

In a battle, the Green Hero having the same class with the boss will have a higher Dmg base when attacking.


  • There are 6 levels of a star, ranging from 1-6.

  • All of Green Hero own a level of 1 star from the beginning.

Green Hero increases its star level by Fusion. The higher level of the star, the higher the percentage of damages and rewards received.


  • Each Green Hero is born with a special stat, called Genes which remains unchanged throughout their life.

  • Genes is the most important stat of an Green Hero, affecting all other stats. Green heroes with higher Genes are more likely to increase higher stats when body parts level up.

  • Genes’ rank, varying from 0.5-1.

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