Plant Together - Green Beli’s Biggest Tree Planting Event

Dear Greenbies,

We’re glad to announce that to celebrate the upcoming World Environment Day, the Green Beli team and our partners will host Green Beli’s biggest tree planting event yet called “PLANT TOGETHER”. In this event, we aim to plant 5,000 trees in Pleiku, Vietnam. This is also a part of our launching campaign for the new GameFi model: Plant-to-Earn on Green Metaverse.

Activity details: Campaign name: Plant together

Time: June 5th, 2022 - World Environment Day

Location: Pleiku, Gia Lai, Vietnam


- Planting over 5000 trees

- Giving gifts to ethnic minority children

Plant Together's main purposes:

🌿 Raising environmental awareness

🌿 Greening bare lands in Pleiku, Vietnam

🌿 Supporting local children

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joined hands and helped us on this very special occasion. Especially, we also would like to thank our community and Media sponsors such as VPC, Plogging Nigeria, and G. Crypto for spreading this news to the world 💚

The natural world is in crisis and we’re calling on the digital world to help. Let’s plant with us and be ready to launch the new no-inflation game mode: #Plant2Earn - Each NFT Tree minted in-game = One real tree planted in real-life!

#PlantTogether #OnlyOneEarth #GreenMetaverse

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