Evolve Feature

Evolve is a feature that helps players increase one Green Hero’s Rarity with materials: additional Green Hero(es), Evolve Stone, $GFRUIT, and $GRBE.

Evolve Stone

Evolve Stone is a new NFT Item that will be used as material to evolve Green Hero.

To evolve a Green Hero, it is required to have an Evolve Stone with the same or higher Rarity than the Green Hero’s next Rarity grade.

Example: To evolve a Rare Green Heroin to an Epic Green Hero, only Evolve Stone with Rarity of Epic, Legendary, or Mythical is qualified.

Note: After the Evolve feature is released, the NFT Item - Training House will be replaced by Evolve Stone.

  • Players will receive Evolve Stone Fragments in PvE instead of Training House Fragments.

  • All the existing Training House Fragments will be converted to Evolve Stone Fragments in a 1:1 ratio Evolve Stone has its own Rarity.



  • 01 main Green Hero

  • 1-3 additional Green Hero(es) used as material.

  • 01 Evolve Stone has the least Rarity equal to the Green Hero’s next Rarity grade.

Example: Only Epic/ Legendary/ Mythical Evolve Stone is qualified to evolve a Rare Green Hero into an Epic Green Hero. $GFRUIT $GRBE.

How to calculate the success rate of "Evolve"

Each Rarity in Evolve requires a specific amount of points and each additional Green Hero will provide points to increase Evolve’s success rate. If the required points are reached, Evolve is guaranteed success.

In case of success

  • The Rarity of the main Green Hero increases by one grade.

  • Green Hero’s Level and Body part Level remain the same.

In case of failure ❌

• Main Green Hero remains the same

📌 Note: All the "material" Green Hero(es), Evolve Stone will be burned whether you succeed or failed to Evolve.

Example: The Rarity of the main Green Hero before Evolve is Rare. Required points to Evolve from Rare to Epic to 27. A player uses 1 Uncommon Green Hero and 1 Rare Green Hero as material.

=> Total points provided by “material” Green Heroes = 3 * 1 + 9 * 1 = 12

Success rate = 12 / 27 = 44 % => The main Green Hero has a 44% chance of evolving to the next Rarity grade

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