Binding Account

Latest update Jan 7th (UTC)

The binding account feature allows you to quick access to your account by using a username (wallet address) and password. So, you can choose to login binding account or BEP 20 wallet depending on the purpose. ✨

🌿 Binding account with a Basic access (On Web and Mobile app)

🌿 Binding account with a Advanced access (On Web and Mobile app)

🌿Metamask account (On Web only)

Did you know❓

The binding account feature is the core feature for building Mobile App and developing the Scholarships program.

How to create binding account?

1, Click "General" icon on the main screen.

2, Click "Account" icon

3, Enter and confirm your password.

📌Passwords for Basic access and Advanced access must be different.

If you forget your password, you must log in by your Metamask Wallet to get your account back.

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