Fusion Stones



Fusion stones help players undo the previous fusion to change the body part to be evolved.


Rarity: The rarer Fusion Stone, the more point it will provide.

Point: Each Fusion Stone provides an amount of points for the refusion process.

Each Fusion Stone has a rarity varying from 2 - 6 (Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical).


Select a Green Hero you wanted to re-randomize the body part’s level, and select up to 3 Fusion Stones, and upgrade.

Each Fusion Stone can be used for all Green Heroes regardless of Star-level and Rarity.

For example: Use Rare Fusion Stone for Green Hero with Star-level ranging from 1 to 6.

How to calculate the success rate of "Refusion"

  • Success rate = Total points provided from all Fusion Stones divided by the number of points required.

  • If the required points are reached, Refusion is success guaranteed.

The cost is in $GFRUIT or $BELI. Fusion Stones is one-time use.

After a successful fusion, body parts’ level of selected Green Hero will be re-randomized, players can choose to "Skip" or "Apply" the result. Whether players choose to "Skip" or "Apply", used fusion Stone and token cost will also be burned.

Example: For a 4-star Green Hero has been Fusion 3 times. 01 body part being leveled up the first time, 2 body parts being leveled up the second time and 1 body part being leveled up the third time. After using a Fusion Stone, all the Green Hero body parts will be reset to level 1, and randomize leveling up body parts as it Fusion 3 times all over.


🌿 Fusion Stones can be earned by collecting fragments in the game or bought on the NFT Marketplace

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