EXP Cards



EXP Card helps Green Hero gain more EXP without joining PvE mode.

EXP Card can be collected by playing PvE.


Boost: Show how many amounts of EXP an EXP Card will provide.

Rarity: The rarer EXP Card, the more EXP it will provide

Each EXP Card has a rarity varying from 1 - 6 (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical).


Select a Green Hero you wanted to apply EXP Card to, select EXP Cards, and confirm.

  • Each EXP Card can be used for all Green Heroes regardless of Star-level and Rarity

For example: Use Rare EXP Card for Green Hero with Star-level ranging from 1 to 6

  • The cost is in $GFRUIT or $BELI

  • EXP Card is one-time use

  • After being used, selected Green Hero will gain a specified amount of level, used EXP Card will be burned.

Note: When a Green Hero has reached the highest level capacity, no more EXP will be gained.


🌿 EXP Cards can be earned by collecting fragments in the game or bought on the NFT Marketplace.

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