Green Beli

Dual token model

Dual token model will be applied in our game:
GRBE Token: Governance token. The total supply is limited at 1B. GRBE Token is the game native token, enabling players to purchase in-game assets and enjoy all game features. Because of the total supply is limited, and GRBE is used for governance purpose, GRBE will not burnt.
Old $GRBE: 0x8473927b49e6dd0548f8287ea94109b7b753e3cf
New $GRBE Smart contract: 0x5Ca4e7294B14EA5745EE2A688990e0cb68503219
GFRUIT Token: Unlimited supply. GFRUIT is used as game incentives to motivate gamers. GFRUIT is used to facilitate the breeding and fusion of Green Heroes as well as energy bar leveling up. An amount of GFRUIT will be minted and burnt continuously to keep the balance of the game.
When players claim rewards from the game, that amount of $GFRUIT will be minted, making the supply of $GFRUIT increase. When players deposite $GFRUIT into the game, that amount of $GFRUIT are locked in our smart contract and will be burnt in batches.
Smart contract $GFRUIT: 0x86d766b5b106A11731E5f816b31aAF52bA598fC6