Plant To Earn

Plant to Earn is a feature that helps players gain benefits from Real NFT Tree.

What To Expect When Owning A Real NFT Tree?🪴

  • Participate in our new GameFi mode #Plant2Earn - A game mode with Real Yield rewards

  • Massive rewards in $GMETA & other partners' tokens.

  • Trade anytime on our NFT Market!

  • Farm vouchers from real-world partners (Coffee, F&B...)

  • Join exclusive Airdrops in Green Meta, for Real NFT Tree’s owners only

  • Gain a VIP pass to purchase more Real NFT Trees

  • Get whitelisted to join and earn from special events of Green Beli

  • Each NFT Tree minted = One real tree planted. Owning a Real NFT Tree will support farmers to create more value for our real world.

The features of Real NFT Tree


🪴Mint NFT Tree

  • Players can own an NFT Tree by minting from Green Beli for 10,000 $GRBE or trading with other players.

  • Players can mint up to 10 NFT Trees each time.

  • No limit applies to NFT Trees amount can be owned or mint times for each player.

  • Players with various Green Heroes will receive a discount on the price of NFT Trees.

  • Whitelist will be applied for the mint duration.

  • The total amount of NFT Trees that will be available for sale at this time is 5,000 NFT Trees. No time limit.

  • A selling NFT Tree will include all available fruits with them, and continue to produce fruits in the meantime.


  • NFT Tree will produce fruits automatically after being minted, no further action from players is needed.

  • At the beginning of a new day, all NFT Trees will produce fruits.

  • Players can harvest all available fruits by accessing the Plant-to-Earn website.

  • Each tree can only carry a certain number of fruits (365 fruits). If a tree produces 365 fruits but is not harvested, it cannot produce any more. To maximize the fruits of each tree, harvest it at least 1-2 times a year.


  • Events will take place occasionally and players can use fruits to exchange for $GMETA.

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